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In front of Panagia Damiotissa

In front of Panagia Damiotissa

Second day with my scooter and remembering the shivering at Glifada beach I went straight to Mikri Vigla beach after breakfast. After an hour or so on this tranquil beach, it was time for some lunch. I drove all the way to Aphirantos village. It was very calm, with more or less no restaurants and coffee shops open at this time of the year. Moreover it was pretty cold, because it was cloudy up here! Anyway, I had a couple of souvlaki’s in a tavern seemed to be closed, but there where a guy behind the desk.
I did some walking in the village and some school kids had some fun conversing with me in English. Guess they wanted to practice their skills.

Now it was time to look at some more attractions on Naxos, so I went down to Chalki, turned right towards Moni. Suddenly I saw a sign indicating an old Byzantine church by the road. For some reason I have missed that on my previous visits to Naxos. What I liked with the church was the calm and beautiful suroundings, with olive trees, lovely daisies and also some goats. I have a cool “mobile” photo from this very place, explaining what I try to say: Daisies. Yet another one of the church.

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