Looking at two Kouros

Kouros of Potamia

Kouros of Potamia

In the landscape on Naxos Island there are three giant marble sculptures, which are incomplete statues of young men, probably intended to be on a temple roof. Length is from about 6 – 10 metres. They are to be found close to the marble quarry where the marble was mined. The statues dates from the 8th to 6th century B.C.

Friday I desided to visit two of the sculptures: Kouros of Melanes and Kouros of Potamia (in the picture). It’s a nice area to go by scooter, little traffic and a lovely green landscape! The first statue is laying in a fertile valley, an olive grove. It’s a very peaceful place. 10-15 years ago I remember that it was possible to have a coffee in the adjacent garden, Paradise Garden, during the main season. To find the second, Kouros of Potamia, you have to go uphill a few hundred metres. From there it is a nice view of the valley below.

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