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Bilder tagna med mobil eller liknande enhet.



My lovely Alexis, taken with Canon EOS 5D mkII, EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM, transferred to Nexus 7, edited with Snapseed. A lot of technical stuff, but this was a fun experiment. A method to publish photos made with my “big” camera, without having a laptop with Lightroom 4 installed.

Pros: my tablet is 1.3 kg lighter than my Ultra book.
Cons: I cannot work with raw format.

My love


My love, at least two of them. This photo was taken with a small advanced compact camera Canon PowerShot S110, transferred via WiFi to my mobile phone Sony Xperia acro S, edited on my phone with Snapseed, and then uploaded to my blog. Kind of neat, don’t you think?

Domsand by Lake Vättern


Last Sunday I had 15 minutes to go before celebration for my mother started, so I drove down to the beach / marina Domsand, to take a few photos. Lake Vättern is a large lake in comparison, number 6 in Europe, so for me I often get a feeling of sea when I visit this lake!

Already when I took this photo last week, I published a similar one, taken with my mobile: EyeEm @rune. On the mobile photo I put a filter (EyeEm) to change the light a little bit; affect also the white balance.

When you compare a mobile photo with a photo taken with a DSLR and quality lens, you can of course see some difference (note: click on the photo above to get a bigger version). The white balance can be a little strange, you lose quality as soon as you process the photo, and you do not get the a really crisp photo with a mobile. But many times a mobile phone is a enough for a photo you want to publish on the web with limited size, and foremost you can publish a mobile photo right away if you have Internet connection.