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I continue with another photo taken during my vacation in August. Here is one of the few photos of Elena, this summer. She does not “love” when I take photos of her! I don’t understand, an excellent photographer as I am! Well, it’s probably not about me and my skills or lack of!
Anyway, here we are at my mother’s room. I took several photos of my mother, and she did not complain as much as she use to do! Maybe she concentrated on the little English she learned mid 1960, or something. I am fascinated that she still remember some English words.

Bankeryd stn

Spår 2.

Jag är en sån där oförskämt miljövänlig typ, så jag går in för att använda bilen sparsamt. Och då får jag nöjet att stå här och titta vid spår 2 vid Bankeryds station, efter att besökt min ömma moder.

Saturday I went to the suburb to visit mother, using public transport of course!