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Söderåsen – Kopparhatten hike

North plateau - valley below.

North plateau – valley below.

The day before I decided that the Kopparhatten hike, a 4 km walk, would be suitable to do within my time frame. The hike start at the north side of the pond Skärdammen, continues in the Skäralid valley and the stream Skärån, continues upwards on the old road Offavägen to the plateau north of the valley, passing the well-known view point Kopparhatten, and finally end at Skäralid.
I walked in the opposite direction, because the bridge on the northern part of the pond was closed for renovation.

I am very fond of beech forest especially early spring when the leaves burst out. And on Söderåsen National Park there is a lovely beech forest, or rather several.

Söderåsen national park – whooper swan

Skärdammen / Skäralid pond.

Skärdammen / Skäralid pond.

Some weeks ago I went to North-West Skåne in southern Sweden, to visit my brother and his family. But before I had some hours to spend and decided to visit Söderåsen national park. It was about time, considering it was 15 years ago I was there previous time.
There are different places you can enter the national park, and I selected Skäralid, where there is a big car park.

When you enter Skäralid you cannot avoid to see the whooper swans in the pond. This is not the most typical motive in the national park, but this was the very first photo I took with my DSLR this weekend, and I like it!