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Close-up photo of the week



Once upon a time I was ambitious taking close-up photos every day with my big camera, i.e. DSLR, thus I could use titles like the above. Well, every week, to be honest I mean every week during the “warm” season when there are flowers.

Since then a lot has happend; the main thing is that I follow the trend to take photos with a smaller camera, a device I always have in my pocket. Aha, a mobile phone you might think! But I refer to a small advanced compact camera which fits my pocket! I have choosen a Canan Powershoot S120, which gives me reasonable quality for a reasonable price, and of course fits small pockets!

Today I made a long walk, 21 km, in the Eco Park of Omberg and beside my small camera I also brought my heavy one!

I found an interesting flower, ramson, which I seldom see! The photo is not taken with a macro lens, but I consider it to be a close-up photo!