Domsand by Lake Vättern


Last Sunday I had 15 minutes to go before celebration for my mother started, so I drove down to the beach / marina Domsand, to take a few photos. Lake Vättern is a large lake in comparison, number 6 in Europe, so for me I often get a feeling of sea when I visit this lake!

Already when I took this photo last week, I published a similar one, taken with my mobile: EyeEm @rune. On the mobile photo I put a filter (EyeEm) to change the light a little bit; affect also the white balance.

When you compare a mobile photo with a photo taken with a DSLR and quality lens, you can of course see some difference (note: click on the photo above to get a bigger version). The white balance can be a little strange, you lose quality as soon as you process the photo, and you do not get the a really crisp photo with a mobile. But many times a mobile phone is a enough for a photo you want to publish on the web with limited size, and foremost you can publish a mobile photo right away if you have Internet connection.

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