Mullsjö International Photo Festival 2013

Örjan Henriksson

Örjan Henriksson

As a title for this amazing photo festival I like to put the classic Swedish proverb: “Do not cross the stream for water”.

Since a couple of years there is a new fantastic photo museum in Stockholm, Fotografiska, where a lot of amazing photographers work have been exhibited. But I would like to add: since a couple of years there exist an amazing photo festival in Mullsjö, the Nordic capital of photo! So for a person like me, who lives 30 minutes by car from Mullsjö, I do not need to travel all the way to Stockholm to view world class photo! At least not in the beginning of June!

Another meaning of the above proverb is that there exist some amazing photographers in the neighborhood! For example Örjan Henriksson, Mullsjö. His exhibition show interesting photos of residents from Mullsjö, people that for some reason has caught his interest! So for this exhibition he did not walk far for the motives!

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