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Close-up photo of the week



Once upon a time I was ambitious taking close-up photos every day with my big camera, i.e. DSLR, thus I could use titles like the above. Well, every week, to be honest I mean every week during the “warm” season when there are flowers.

Since then a lot has happend; the main thing is that I follow the trend to take photos with a smaller camera, a device I always have in my pocket. Aha, a mobile phone you might think! But I refer to a small advanced compact camera which fits my pocket! I have choosen a Canan Powershoot S120, which gives me reasonable quality for a reasonable price, and of course fits small pockets!

Today I made a long walk, 21 km, in the Eco Park of Omberg and beside my small camera I also brought my heavy one!

I found an interesting flower, ramson, which I seldom see! The photo is not taken with a macro lens, but I consider it to be a close-up photo!

Trekking Fagerhult-Mullsjö

Blue bells.

Blue bells.

As I mentioned before I have started to enjoy longer walks in the nature. Trekking is becoming more popular, and the authorities on different levels acknowledge this and maintains the existing long distance walking trails, connect different trails together and creates new. Pilgrimage is something that is big in Europe and also grows in Sweden.

This photo is taken in July when I was walking from Fagerhult to Mullsjö via Furusjö, a walk which comprises (in my case) 35 km. This is the 8th leg of the long distance walking Västra Vätterleden.



Ibland räcker det att kika ut genom fönstret för att hitta ett fotoobjekt, som denna pärlhyacint som växer i min lilla rabatt, eller snarare utanför densamma.

Sometimes it’s enough to take a look outside your window to find something nice to photograph, like this blue-purple flower: Grape Hyacinth / Muscari botryoides.


Utsnitt av sommaren

Utsnitt av sommaren

Det har varit en underbar sommarhelg med mycket sol, och vackert grönt i naturen! Bilden ovan är måhända inte en klassisk naturbild eftersom den till största delen är oskarp, men när jag såg den i datorn upptäckte jag att jag gillar den! För mig uttrycker den längtan. Vad reflekterar du över när de ser denna bild?

It has been a wonderful summer weekend in most parts of Sweden; also where I live! Life is great right now!