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2nd Advent with snow

First snow.

First snow.

This weekend 2nd Advent, the winter has reached my part of the world! I like it a lot, but unfortunately the weather forecast indicates temperature above zero the coming days. That’s not positive for a person like me who wants to go skiing. Anyway, the snowfall especially today, forced me to do a lot of snow shovelling which is a good training.


Sunset Gråkullen.

Sunset Gråkullen.

Saturday I went skiing in some part of Southern Vätterleden, east of where I normally ski. I was curious if the walking trail was suitable for skiing also. I can now say that I do not recommend skiing with only 15 cm of snow. Furthermore some part of the trail is at the same time steep and narrow, which make it rather dangerous when you ski downwards. Maybe I make a new try a coming winter with a lot of snow, a day when I have more time and can go further east.
I lost my lens cover somewhere in the snow. Actually went back some part of the trail looking for it, but it is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
The photo above is typically not from the walking trail, but a hill only 1 km south of my home.

Show me the way!

Hiking trail, sign

Hiking trail, sign

When I go ski in the neighbourhood I partly ski in a hiking trail called Södra Vätterleden. I have an idea to further investigate this hiking trail one of the coming weekend, if the winter let me! An idea I have is to go east some hours and end up in a different part of the outskirts of town, and from there take a bus home. Or the other way around.

Skiing in winter wonderland

Winter landscape that I love to visit.

After skiing for some kilometres I said to myself, or rather sang: “What a feeling”. Yes, the old tune from the popular movie/TV-series Flashdance with Irene Cara came into my mind. Well, I was happy to discover that it was working very well to go skiing in the nearby landscape, starting just outside my door, just as I like it to be! The two last weeks has changed the winter dramatically to the better. What’s the point with cold weather without snow? Yes, I probably sound like a child, but I don’t mind in this matter!

Winter is arriving

Winter landscape previous winter.

The last two weeks the winter has arrived in my part of the world! When I say winter I mean enough snow for me to ski in the nearby nature, i.e. at least 20 cm of snow. This never happend last winter, but now it looks really good! I hope to go skiing on Saturday!

This photo from last winter is about 500 metre south of my house. I normally pass here with my skies going south to some lovely fields and forests.